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Timeless are pleased to offer an amazing Roman Slingshot dating from around 1st -3rd Century B.C.


Early in Rome's history, long before the formation of the empire, Republican Rome was defended by a seasonal, semi-professional army, largely composed of rural peasants and small-holding farmers. In these temporary legions, the rich elite would form the cavalry to guard the legion's flanks, while those with enough land and money that they could afford their own armour would fight as heavy infantry: the Roman Legionary that everyone is familiar with.


However, the poorest and youngest conscripts - those that could afford neither armour nor long-bladed weapon - would fight as skirmishers at the very front of the legion. Dressed in animal skins, these young skirmishers (or Velites, pronounced 'Wel-Ee-Tey') fought with bows and arrows, slings, darts and short-swords. Their only task: To goad the enemy, harass them and tempt them into breaking formation, while behind the Velites the heavy infantry waited in their ranks.


Later in Rome's history, the army was professionalised and the young Velites were lost - being replaced by auxiliary troops made up of provincial recruits.


Made of lead, measuring around 4cm in length, and presented in a rustic papier mache box, this slingshot from Rome's ancient past could be yours to own.


One of ten available at the Timeless Galleries.


£30 each.


SKU: 1848
  • Acquired by Timeless of the UK Antiquities Market, 2019


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