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Searching for ancient artefacts is one of those hobbies that appeals to the young and old alike... 


There's nothing quite like wandering the English countryside on a warm summer's afternoon - metal-detector in hand, spade over your shoulder, sandwiches and a flask of hot coffee in your backpack - never knowing what the next beep might reveal.


Perhaps it will be a Bronze Age axehead offered as a sacrifice to forgotten gods over three thousand years ago, or a beautiful Roman trumpet brooch — the enamel still as bright as the day it was lost. 


The British Isles have a long and colourful history of migration and invasion. Colonised by prehistoric tribes, conquered by Romans, betrayed by Anglo-Saxons and raided by Vikings — all have left their mark in the soil.


Timeless Galleries came about from a love of this hidden history, and the lost art beneath our feet.


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