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This tiny little piece of history is in the form of an oblong lead holder (termed a chatelaine) with three small loops.


The chatelaine was probably attached to a strap or belt, with the loops forming attachment points for small implements on chains. Roman chatelaines served a utilitarian function, allowing the wearer to keep essential tools handy for daily use. These small tools could include items such as keys, tweezers, nail cleaners, ear scoops, and small knives.


The choice of tools attached to a chatelaine often reflected the personal needs and status of the wearer. For instance, keys were a common feature and symbolized the wearer's authority over a household or access to valuable commodities.


It's not a grand item, but being made in the 1st - 3rd centuries AD, it's almost 2000 years old and a lovely little insight into the every day lives of the Roman people.


Now available in the Timeless Galleries


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Antiquities Market, 2020, previously forming part of a private Austrian collection formed since 1970.

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