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Timeless are pleased to offer an extremely unusual and rare find: a Germanic Child's Dagger dating from Medieval times


Of simple construction, this enigmatic little dagger was crafted sometime during the 15th and 16th centuries in Medieval Europe. At only 19cm in length, the dagger displays a beautiful curved lower guard and a T-shaped tang.


During the Medieval period in Europe, daggers were more than just tools for combat; they were also important symbols of status, power, and wealth, and it is known that the children of the higher classes were often gifted with scaled-down versions of adult weaponry, both as a part of their martial training and as a symbol of their status.


Tastefully mounted on a plinth of aged oak and textured steel, this enigmatic dagger could be yours to own



  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Antiquities market, 2021. Formerly in a private Belgian collection formed prior to 1980.

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