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Timeless are very pleased to offer a huge specimen of the ammonite Perisphinctes, which swam the shallow seas of Southern Madagascar's Tulear region.


Measuring almost 20cm in diameter, this beautiful fossil is of very high quality, displaying perfectly preserved ridges in shades of cream and caramel.


Perisphinctes is a genus of ammonites that thrived during the Jurassic period, particularly in the Middle and Late Jurassic epochs, approximately 174 to 155 million years ago. These creatures are a classic example of the ammonite family, which are extinct marine cephalopods, very much like the present day Nautilus. They are characterized by their distinctive, coiled shells that are often beautifully preserved in fossil form, making them a popular find among fossil hunters and enthusiasts.

The shell of Perisphinctes is planispiral and tightly coiled, with a pattern of ribs and, occasionaly, intricate suture lines. These ammonites lived in a marine environment, where they were likely active predators, feeding on smaller marine organisms. Their widespread presence in Jurassic marine deposits implies they were a successful and diverse group, with many species adapted to different ecological niches.


The fossil has been mounted on a custom-made brass stand which perfectly complements the warm colours of the fossil. An amazing piece that would suit any room.


Now available in the Timeless Galleries.


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Fossils and Minerals market, 2023.

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