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Timeless are pleased to offer an Ancient Greek Painted Bowl dating from the 5th – 3rd century B.C.E.


Classical Greek pottery is revered as being one of the most beautiful forms of ancient Mediterranean art. Almost everyone is familiar with their red and black figure pottery depicting everything from Trojan battle scenes to house parties.


Though we may consider many of their surviving ceramics as works of art, their pottery was originally intended for everyday use. The clay (keramos) used to produce pottery was readily available throughout Greece, although the finest was Attic clay, with its high iron content giving an orange-red colour with a slight sheen when fired.


To its original owner, this enigmatic painted bowl would have been just another household item, but to us, it’s a true work of art.


The bowl displays a shallow foot and inverted rim, and has the feint remains of a banded patterning


The last of a collection of three,  now available in the Timeless Galleries.


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2021. Previously the property of a West Essex gentleman, formerly in a collection formed prior to 1990.

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