Timeless are pleased to offer a beautifully portrayed Victorian print of a Woodchat Shrike, or 'Butcher Bird' with original hand-colouring.


With its origins in medieval woodcutting, printing using engraved copper plates began in the fourteenth century and blossomed during the Tudor period. However, it was the Victorians, with all their customary ingenuity and engineering, that were responsible for the massive expansion of printed images. 


The basic technology of printing - two men operating a wooden screw press producing about 200 impressions an hour - remained fundamentally unchanged for four hundred years, until the Victorians largely automated the process in the 19th century.


This beautifully rendered image of a Woodchat Shrike is a product of those times. Hand-framed in limed ash and neutral colours, the outer dimensions are 31cm x 24cm.




SKU: 2020a-4
  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Antiquities market, 2020.