Timeless are very pleased to offer a lovely little Pecked & Ground Stone Age Axehead together with a Stone Age Sharpening Stone, dating between 4000 and 6000 years old.


This particular type of Stone Age axe differs from the typical flint or chert-type axe because the stone, whilst extremely hard, does not flake when struck. In order to produce an axe 'shape', our ancestors would chip away at a piece of hardstone (a process known as 'pecking') until the desired shape was achieved. The axe would then be ground on a flat whetstone to produce a cutting edge - and so they are described archaeologically as pecked & ground axeheads.


Here we have both items - a Stone Age axe and a Stone Age Whetstone! Of course, we can't say that one produced the other, but we can promise you that you won't find a display like this for sale with any other supplier.


Mounted on a plinth of oak, the display is around 27cm in height. Printed documentation included.


The axehead is around 9cm in length




  • Acquired by Timeless Galleries on the UK Antiquities market, 2020. Previously of North African provenance.

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