Timeless are pleased to offer a beautiful British Neolithic Flint Awl dating around 4500 - 6000 years.


Awls were used to pierce other materials (for example, to produce an eye in an animal pelt), and are were almost always made from blades - pieces of knapped flint whose length was twice as long as its width.


Awls and piercers often display reworking, where the knapped blade is minutely retouched to produce either a sharper cutting edge (for example, on a scraper), or in the case of an awl, two cutting edges to its point. This would have allowed its owner to rotate the awl through 360 degrees and produce the hole.


One of many prehistoric flint tools now available in the Timeless Galleries








  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2019. Originally discovered in the home counties, UK.

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