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Timeless are delighted to offer an enigmatic remnant of England's rural past.


First produced in the Bronze Age over 3000 years ago, Rumble Bells (sometimes called crotal bells) were either strapped to a horse's harness or attached directly to a horse-drawn carriage to act as a warning to other travellers along unlit country roads.


This particular example is around 300 years old and was found by a metal-detectorist in Norfolk, U.K.


As detectorists ourselves, we can tell you that there is nothing more pleasing than digging up a little bell such as this one and listening to it ring again for the first time in centuries. 


At 3cm in legnth and decorated with sunburst pattern often found on crotal bells of this age- this enigmatic piece of historical England could be yours to own.


SKU: Rb7
  • Acquired by Timeless by private sale, 2018. Originally discovered in North Norfolk, UK.

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