Dating from around the 9th century B.C to the 4th century A.D., the Scythians were an ancient nomadic people whose enormous territory ranged from modern-day Romania and Ukraine in the west, to the very borders of China in the east.


They were well known to the ancient Greeks as being the first people to use mounted warriors in warfare, and for establishing the famous Silk Road - a vast network of trade routes which connected the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean with the Arabian Peninsula, Persia, and even China and South East Asia.


This tiny remnant of ancient Scythia is a bronze finial (a decorated headpiece, probably from a dress pin) in the form of a stylised bird with teardrop wings and a segmented band forming a loop. It was previously in the collection of David Rockefeller - grandson of John D. Rockefeller.


It represents the only artefact from Iron Age Scythia that has passed through our hands.


29mm in length.


Now available in the Timeless Galleries.




SKU: 1941
  • Acquired by Timeless in 2019, formally part of the 'David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection'

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