Timeless are pleased to offer a collection of enigmatic Roman Bronze Brooches dating from the 1st century A.D.


The brooches were almost certainly made for (or even by) Roman military conscripts in the ancient province of Pannonia (present-day Hungary/Austria). Pannonia proved to be an excellent recruitment ground for the Imperial Roman army, and legions from this province even made it as far as Hadrian's wall on the northern borders of the empire.


There are three types of brooch in this collection:


1 - 20: The Knee Brooch. It is believed that these were used to pin cloaks as the deep bow and extended catchplate allowed the owner to gather up and pin thick material.


21 - 56: The Pannonian Trumpet Brooch. These are part of a group of ancient brooches termed Kraftig Profilierte (meaning 'High Profile' due to their deeply bowed profiles.)


57 - 58: The Disc Brooch. Much like later Medieval versions, these brooches were probably decorative.


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The brooches are £9.50 each.







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  • Acquired by Timeless in 2017, formally part of the internationally respected Chris Rudd collection formed in the 1970s and 1980s