We at Timeless are really pleased with this piece - a perfectly preserved Roman Redware Flask dating from the first century B.C. to the first century A.D.


It's unusual to find artefacts this substantial that date from one of the most significant periods of history. This beautiful flask was made during the final collapse of the Roman Republic and the birth of its Empire - a period when a handful of mega-rich career soldiers such as Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Marcus Crassus, and Rome's first emperor, Augustus, stole the loyalty of the legions away from the Senate, triggered a civil war, and laid the foundations for Rome's domination of Europe that would last for half a millennium.


Measuring just under 13cm and provided with a bespoke oak plinth, this piece is a real treasure. Printed documentation is included.


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  • Acquired by Timeless of the UK Antiquities Market, 2019, previously forming part of a private London based collection formed during the 1990s. Believed to have been originally discovered in Southern Spain.

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