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Timeless are pleased to offer a robust Roman Knee Brooch.


The Knee Brooch was a later style military brooch of around the 2nd to 3rd centuries A.D.

It was around this time that fibula brooches were largely abandoned by the British population, and most  finds from the third century onwards were worn only by Roman personnel and military (Hattatt, Brooches of Antiquity, 1987)

The knee brooch was characterised by their wide head plates, a steeply dipping downturn near the head of the bow, and the ample space created behind the bow and leg to allow for material of Roman military cloaks, as can be seen in this example. The brooch is around 4.5cm in length.


Now available in the Timeless Galleries




SKU: 19-44
  • Acquired by Timeless of the UK Antiquities Market, 2017, previously forming part of the internationally respected Chris Rudd collection, Norfolk, UK.

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