This frame contains an amazing collection of Roman military plate brooch fibulae, dating from the 2nd to 5th centuries A.D.


Fibula (plural, fibulae) is the Latin word for ‘clasp’ or ‘fixing’ and refers to ornate brooches and pins which were widespread throughout the Roman world. They had a functional use as well as decorative, being used to pin the loose fitting cloaks and tunics of the period.


These beautiful plate fibulae were discovered by mudlarkers on the Thames foreshore in the 1950s, and remained in a private collection before making their way on to the London Arts and Antiquities market in 2017.


Their ages span the whole period of the Roman occupation of Britain.


Hand-finished, the outer measurements are c. 60cm x 28 cm


SKU: 1748

    Acquired by Timeless in 2018 on the specialist UK antiquities market, formerly part of the renowned Chris Rudd collection, Norfolk, UK.

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