The Roman fortress of Inchtuthil, close to the town of Blairgowrie, central Scotland, was the site of a very unusual find indeed.


Buried in a pit twelve feet deep, close to the boundaries of the ancient fort, the soldiers of Legion XX left behind almost ten tons of iron nails around two thousand years ago. This massive hoard was discovered in 1960 by the archaeologist, Sir Ian Richmond, and contained over 875,000 complete nails. It is thought that the nails were buried by the Roman troops as they abandoned the fortress to prevent their use by the hostile local tribes.


Many of the nails were given to local institutions and museums and were even used by scientists to estimate the corrosion effects on barrels of nuclear waste! Eventually, the majority of the nails were scrapped at a nearby Glasgow steelworks.


They occasionally pop up on the antiquities market, and now here's your chance to own an original Inchtuthil nail - an amazing historical artefact for sale in the Timeless Galleries.




SKU: 1993-3
  • Acquired by Timeless of the UK Antiquities Market, 2019, previously forming part of a private collections formed prior to 1975.


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