Timeless are pleased to offer an unusual ROMAN BRONZE MOUNT, depicting the head of a Numidian.


The ancient kingdom of Numidia stretched across modern-day Algeria, Libya and Tunisia, and produced some of the finest horsemen in the ancient world. In fact, the Numidian light cavalry was used to great effect by the Carthaginian general, Hannibal, while he rampaged around the Roman homeland for fifteen years, destroying every army that the Romans sent to meet him.


Later in their history, the Numidians fell under Roman rule when Julius Caesar claimed their homeland as a Roman province.


At 2.5 cm, this beautiful ancient artefact is now available in the Timeless Galleries


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  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Antiquities market, 2020. From a private home counties collection, formed 1970 - 1980


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