Timeless are pleased to offer an unusual 1st - 3rd century A.D. ROMAN BRONZE MOUNT depicting a man dressed in a toga. To the ancient Romans, a toga was much more than an item of clothing. The colour of a toga could denote the wearer's age, status, or occupation. In fact, the toga was so important to the Romans that they called themselves the Togati, or 'those who wear the toga'. 


Here are some of the different types of toga:


  • Toga Praetexta. A purple bordered white toga, it was worn only by youths under sixteen. On coming of age, all Roman adults who did not have magisterial duties put on the traditionally white Toga Virilise


  • Toga Candida. Reserved for those in high office, this toga was especially whitened with chalk, hence the name ‘candida’. Those who wore it became known as ‘the white ones’. From this, we derive the word candidate.


  • Toga Palmata. This was a toga only allowed to conquering generals during their triumphal processions. It later became a toga of the Emperor.


  • Toga Pulla/Toga Sordida. This was a dark woollen toga worn during periods of mourning.


  • Toga Picta. A purple toga embroidered with gold thread. Originally worn by triumphant generals and later the state garment for emperors.


  • Toga Traebea. This multicoloured, ceremonial toga was either wholly purple or striped with purple for emperors, priests and augers.



At around 3cm in length, this ancient bronze mount is now available in the Timeless Galleries


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Antiquities market, 2020. From a private home counties collection, formed 1970 - 1980


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