Timeless are pleased to offer an unusual Roman LION HEAD MOUNT with open mouth.


It isn't always clear what Roman mounts were actually mounted on, but they are normally thought to have been either chariot, horse tack, or furniture fittings. 


Lions were used as a form of execution in Ancient Rome by the process of Damnatio ad bestias, or 'condemned to die by beast'.  This horrific practice originated as a military punishment in the second century B.C., probably 'borrowed' from Carthage, and was used to execute deserters. It was only later in Rome's history did Damnatio ad bestias make its way into the arena.


At 3cm in length, this Roman Lion Head would make a great addition to any collection.



  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Antiquities market, 2020. From a private home counties collection, formed 1970 - 1980


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