Timeless Galleries are pleased to offer a lovely 1st - 2nd century A.D. Roman Fibula Brooch.


Cast in bronze almost two thousand years ago - this lovely little brooch is of Dolphin type as its curved bow was thought to resembe the back of a breaching dolphin The pin is still intact and is hinged to the head, rather than sprung - it can be seen above, along with its pierced catchplate, still working after nearly 2000 years. The brooch also displays a prominent turret on its bow reminiscent of the stud of a headstud brooch, indicating that this brooch may represent a hybrid Dolphin/Headstud fibula.


A perfectly intact bow brooch from the height of the Roman empire, around 5cm in length.



  • Acquired by Timeless of the UK Antiquities Market, 2017, previously forming part of the internationally respected Chris Rudd collection, Norfolk, UK.

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