If you were to spend some time browsing the Internet in search of antiquities (in particular a well known online auction site), you will find arrowheads described as 'Roman' time and time again, when, in truth, very few of them are.


Roman arrowheads are not particularly common finds, but when they do surface on archaeological sites, they are almost always small in comparison to later medieval arrowheads.


The early Roman arrowheads were cast in bronze and were usually tanged with a basic triangular blade. Later, in the early centuries of the first millennium, iron socketed arrowheads became prevalent - at first with three vanes, and towards the end of their empire, four vanes.


Measuring just over 5cm in length, this little bronze artefact represents a perfect example of an arrowhead from the end of the Republic to the earliest centuries of the Roman Empire. We rarely acquire Roman arrowheads, and are very pleased to offer this one at an affordable price.


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  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2020. Previously part of a European collection formed in the 1990s

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