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Here we have an extremely rare collection of Medieval incendiary arrowheads, dating from the 13th to 14th centuries A.D. The arrowheads are tanged and display trifoil blades, each pierced for insertion of flammable material. 


Fire and incendiary weapons were a staple of warfare from the 8th century B.C. until Tudor times, particularly during sieges and naval battles. They could take many forms, including ceramic grenades filled with the mysterious combustable liquid 'Greek Fire', spearheads dipped in pitch, early Chinese gunpowder-charged rockets, and as seen with these pieces, fire arrows.


Fire arrows could also take many forms, including pitch-dipped shafts, arrows with small cages built into the stems of their iron heads, or as in this case, arrowheads with holes drilled into their blades for attachment of flammable material.


It is extremely rare for incendiary arrowheads to make their way onto the market, and these three beautiful examples would make a very special gift for the history enthusiast.


Mounted on a base of oak, these Medieval fire arrowheads are now available in the Timeless Galleries.


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2021. Formerly part of a private Buckinghamshire collection formed prior to 2000.

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