Timeless Galleries have hand-picked these little arrowheads based on their delicate blades and collared tangs to make an unusual collection of leaf-bladed arrowheads.


The arrowheads are of type MP5 (Jessop, A New Artefact Typology for the Study of Medieval Arrowheads, 1995), and date to the High Medieval period - around 11th - 12th century - with the exception of the third arrowhead in the row. This arrowhead is probably unclassified, but is reminiscent of a 12th - 13th century hunting arrowhead of type T3.


Tanged, leaf-bladed arrowheads are perhaps the most common form of Medieval arrowhead and were used both domestically and militarily. Nevertheless, small, iron-forged arrowheads like these are making for increasingly rare finds -- primarily because they rust away to nothing once the host soil has been disturbed (for example, by ploughing), and secondly, because iron artefacts are now rarely dug by detectorists using efficient modern detectors. 


With an oak base measuring c. 31cm in length, we think this display is amazing and would make a valued part of any collection.


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2017 - 2020. Formerly part of various collections, primarily British formed.

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