Timeless are pleased to offer an eclectic collection of Medieval arrowheads, dating from 11th - 13th centuries.


All the arrowheads are tanged (although the first arrowhead has now lost much of it’s tang) and represent:


  • A very large and beautifully forged iron leaf-bladed arrowhead of type MP3 (Jessop, A New Artefact Typology for the Study of Medieval Arrowheads, 1995), used for both hunting and warfare throughout the high medieval period..


  • An unusual, high-shouldered arrowhead, probably unclassified, but reminiscent of a 12th - 13th century hunting arrowhead of type Jessop T3.


  • A robust leaf-bladed iron hunting arrowhead, probably forged sometime during the High Medieval period, 10th - 11th centuries.


We at Timeless love the variation in this collection, representing the skills of post-Norman invasion metalsmiths 


Mounted on an oak plinth measuring around 26cm in length.


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2017 - 2020. Formerly part of various collections, primarily British formed.

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