Timeless are pleased to offer a very unusual collection of Medieval Socketed Arrowheads.


The majority of arrowheads discovered by archaeologists and metal-detectorists have tangs rather than sockets. There are probably many reasons for this discrepancy, which may include the age of the arrowhead (tanged arrowheads tend to be older than socketed), or their intended use (as a rule of thumb, tanged arrowheads were primarily used for hunting, socketed for fighting). Or, perhaps the reason that we find more tanged arrowheads than socketed may be that they were simply easier to make. 


Whatever the reason for their rarity, a collection of socketed arrowheads like these is unusual, and has taken us a long time to put together. The collection comprises:


  • A leaf-bladed wide-socketed arrowhead of type MP3 (Jessop, A New Artefact Typology for the Study of Medieval Arrowheads, 1995), used for both hunting and warfare throughout the high medieval period.


  • A beautifully forged 11th - 12th century shouldered arrowhead of type MP5, used both domestically and in warfare


  • A well preserved 13th century broadhead of type MP8, used exclusively for hunting.


  • Another leaf-bladed socketed arrowhead as described above. This form was very common from the 10th to 16th centuries.


  • A slender armour-piercing arrowhead of type M10, used in warfare throughout the late medieval period


Mounted on an oak base that measures 46cm in length, this display would make an amazing talking piece in any home.


Please note - the arrowheads are mounted on perspex rods embedded into the oak plinth which have been shaped to each specific arrowhead. This allows the owner to easy remove and handle each piece - however, as the arrowheads are not uniform in size and shape, they must be returned to their correct places, and it may take a little ‘fine-tuning’ to make sure they are perfectly upright when remounted.


SKU: 2020-8
  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2017 - 2020. Formerly part of various collections, primarily British formed.

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