Timeless are pleased to offer a superb collection of long-tanged iron Medieval Arrowheads dating over 600 years old!


From left to right, the collection comprises:


 - A classic leaf-bladed arrowhead, similar to Type T2 (Jessop - A New Artefact Typology for the Study of Medieval Arrowheads), dating from 12th - 13th centuries.


- An unusual Chisel-Bladed Arrowhead of unknown age. Probably used for hunting as the extended cutting edge provides poor penetration but a huge damage zone.


- A European Forker. While this type of arrowhead is a relatively common find compared to many other types of 13th-century arrowhead, its use is still hotly debated. It has been suggested that the strange double-prong (with the inner 'V' being sharpened) was once used to cut ship's rigging in naval warfare. A more realistic suggestion is that the V-shaped blade prevents the arrowhead from skipping off the thick plumage of game birds. The arrowhead is classified as Type H1 (Jessop - A New Artefact Typology for the Study of Medieval Arrowheads).


- A beautiful example of a Lozengiform-Bladed Arrowhead dating from the 13th -15th centuries.


 - Lastly, another very large Leaf-Bladed Arrowhead as described above.


Framed in hand-finished limed ash, the outer dimensions are c. 95cm x 34cm. 


The pictures of the frame were taken in direct sunlight making the arrows seem black. See the detailed pictures of the arrows for their true patination.


Read about the evolution of medieval arrowheads here


SKU: 1982.56
  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2019. From the family collection of a Southeast London collector, formerly acquired in the 1950s.

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