This frame contains a hand-forged Medieval Arrowhead dating from between the 10th and 16th centuries A.D. The arrowhead is of type MP3 (Jessop, Medieval Arrowheads Typology, 1997) and was used for both warfare and hunting game in the ancient European fields and forests. 


The MP3 arrowead (MP stands for 'multi-purpose') was an extremely long-lasting and much used type of arrowhead, typically having a long, triangular blade and rounded shoulders. As a rule of thumb, socketed arrowheads are usually British-made, while contintental European arrowheads more often have tangs (this arrowhead has a brokoen tang).


However, as with many 'rules of history', there are many examples of British arrowheads with tangs (especially early ones) and socketed arrowheads made in continental Europe. It is, therefore, impossible for us to determine where this arrowhead was made.


But wherever this lovely little piece of history was forged, it remains a timeless treasure. Tastefully framed in hand-finished driftwood, the outer frame measures c. 28cm x 19 cm



Read about the evolution of medieval arrowheads here


SKU: 1964
  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2019.

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