This amazing collection of large, chisel-bladed arrowheads were designed to pierce leather armour used in the 11th - 15th centuries. Probably developed from earlier Saxon/Viking chisel-bladed arrowheads, these bodkin-style heads had an extremely robust blade with a short, wide cutting edges. This ensured that the arrowhead could slice through thick leather without bending on impact, while the extremely long blades improved the chance of penetrating the flesh below.


Later in the Medieval period, and into Tudor times, armour-piercing arrowheads evolved into either the classic ‘bodkin’ form (long and needle-pointed), or ‘warhead’ form, displaying extremely short, thick blades and sockets. At almost 15cm length, the largest arrowhead of this collection is bordering on ‘small spearhead’! 


Mounted on an oak base around 34cm in length, now available in the Timeless Galleries


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2017 - 2020. Formerly part of various collections, primarily British formed.

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