An extremely rare Roman Lead die dating from 1st Century B.C.E.


While rare finds, the majority of Roman Dice that make their way onto the antiquities market are made of bone (normally ox bone). However, on occasion, metal dice are occasionally discovered - typically cast in bronze, silver, or as in this example, lead.


One can almost imagine a long-gone Roman soldier playing with a pair of these dice in a dark and smoky tavern (or taberna), lit with oil-burning lamps and packed with rowdy legionaries, almost two millennia ago. And who can forget Titus Pullo in the HBO series Rome, losing his salary to loaded dice - 'Wise men and Graces on four!'


Measuring around half an inch in width, the die is punched-pellet marked, disposed 1:4, 2:3, 5:6. 


Provide in a small display box. Now available in the Timeless Galleries.



  • Acquired by Timeless Galleries on the UK Antiquities Market, 2020. Formerly part of a European collection formed in the 1990s

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