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Dating from the Lower Cretaceous Period ( 140 to 100 million years ago) - Timeless are very pleased to offer a specimen of the ammonite Acanthoceras (Agadir), which swam the shallow seas of present-day Morocco. Over 15cm in diameter, this heavy-ridged ammonite weighs well over two pounds.


The most notable aspect of Acanthoceras is its shell - a distinctive, coiled construction which is both large and robust. Its shape, known as 'involute', has all of its whorls visible and approximately the same size. What sets the Acanthoceras apart, however, are the sturdy, tuberculate ribs that radiate from the shell's center, intersecting and creating an intricate net-like pattern. The resulting shell is a display of evolutionary artwork, highlighted by a series of tubercles, or protruding knobs, which give the shell a distinctively spiny facade.


The fossil has been mounted on a limed oak and textured steel plinth, and would make an amazing display in any room. The fossil and mount is around 29cm high.


Printed documentation is included.


  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Fossils and Minerals market, 2019. Details of dealer can be provided on request.

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