We at Timeless really like these bronze arrowheads.


Cast in Greece around 2400 - 2600 years ago, they were made shortly after Ancient Greece suffered a dark age, where much of their scientific and technical understanding was lost - including their alphabet!


Following the Greek Dark Age was a 'new dawn' - now known as the Archaic Period. It was during this period that the city-states first came to power. The following centuries would be dominated by wars between Athens, Corinth, Sparta, and the many other city-states of ancient Greece, and it was during this period that the Spartan king, Leonidas, and his band of 300 warriors were defeated at the Battle of Thermopylae!


With a history like that, who knows in which battles these arrowheads may have been used.


Mounted on a sterling silver chain, these are particularly large examples at around 4cm in length and are of trefoil, lead-bladed or twin-bladed types. 


Supplied with documentation, an interesting little artefact from ancient times, now available at the Timeless Galleries


Note: Please select whether you would like the arrowhead on a leather cord or silver chain (there is a small charge for the silver chain)



  • Acquired by Timeless in 2020 on the specialist UK antiquities market.

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