Timeless Galleries are pleased to offer a lovely 1st - 2nd century A.D. Roman Fibula Brooch.


Cast in bronze almost two thousand years ago - this lovely little brooch is of Dolphin type as its curved bow was thought to resemble the back of a breaching dolphin The pin would have probably been attached to a spring which would have been hidden behind the 'wings' of the brooch. Roman fibula spings, along with pins, were often made of iron (while the body of the brooch was typically made of bronze). Consequently, as iron rusts away over time, while bronze simply patinates, we often find fibula brooches missing their springs and pins.


A beautifully patinated enameled bow brooch from the height of the Roman empire, around 4cm in length.



SKU: 45/8
  • Acquired by Timeless of the UK Antiquities Market, 2017, previously forming part of the internationally respected Chris Rudd collection, Norfolk, UK.

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