These little trilobites are huge favourites at Timeless Galleries.


The long-extinct trilobite, Eldredgeia, swam the seas of what is now South America and South Africa around 400,000,000 years ago. There is nothing particularly special about Eldredgeia - they aren't especially large, their compound eyes are often well preserved but otherwise unremarkable, their glabella (a bulbous lump in the middle of its head that looks a bit like a nose) is, well,  lumpy... however, they do have one redeeming feature: They're often found in nodules.


Opening a trilobite nodule is like cracking open a four-hundred-million year-old egg. Inside is a perfectly formed creature, complete with a mirror-image negative cast. 


These trilobites are quite rare and a pleasure to own. Look out for them, or the nodular trilobite, Metacryphaeus, at Timeless Galleries. 


Around 4.5cm in length and mounted on an oak plinth


SKU: 1971
  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK fossil and mineral market, 2018. Originally discovered in Medio La Plaz, Bolivia.


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