Timeless are pleased to offer this intricately carved late-period Egyptian Hapi Amulet, dating from 664 -332 B.C.E.


Hapi was a baboon-headed God of ancient Egypt who was tasked (by his father, Horus) with protecting the lungs of the deceased - hence the common depiction of a hamadryas baboon head sculpted as the lid of the canopic jar which held the lungs following an embalming.


This fascinating historical artifact depicts a standing Hapi holding a sceptre in front of him. 


With a superb provenance, this lovely little piece measures 45mm in length and is formed of a glazed composite matrix.


Now available in the Timeless Galleries.





SKU: 1936
  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2019. Previously forming part of the very well respected Michael Nellist collection, Cornwall, UK.


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