Timeless are pleased to offer an ancient Bronze Ring dating from the height of the Eastern Roman empire.


The ring was cast some time between the sixth and tenth centuries A.D., and displays a bezel decorated with geometric shapes.


The Byzantine Empire, at its height stretching from modern-day Syria to Spanish Andalucía, was simply a continuation of the Roman Empire that collapsed in Western Europe in the fifth century A.D.


Following this collapse, the empire’s ruling city shifted from Rome to its eastern capital, Byzantium (in modern-day Turkey). This ‘Empire in the East’ was only termed Byzantium by scholars a thousand years later — at the time, its inhabitants referred to themselves as ‘Roman’, and Byzantium as ’New Rome’.


The decision to move the empire’s capital to Byzantium was made by Constantine I in May, 330 A.D. and it wasn’t long before Byzantium became known as the ‘City of Constantine’ or Constantinople — now modern-day Istanbul. Situated on a natural harbor, and defended by the legendary Theodosian Walls, Constantinople would remain unconquered for a further 1100 years until overwhelmed by the Ottomans in 1453 A.D.


Measuring around 20mm in diameter, it equates to a UK size U.


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  • Acquired by Timeless of the UK Antiquities Market, 2018, previously the property of a South African gentleman living in London.

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