Timeless are pleased to offer the business end of a Middle Bronze-Age Palstave Axe-head dating from the second millennium B.C.E., around 3500 years ago.


The Palstave Axe (erroneously named after an ancient Icelandic digging tool – the Palstabe) is, much like the lanceolate-bladed spearhead, a classic artefact of the British Bronze Age and high on the wish-list of almost every metal detectorist and history enthusiast.


There are well over a dozen types of British Palstave Axe-head – however, this particular piece is too fragmentary for its type to be identified.


A beautiful historical gift for a special person? Now available in the Timeless Galleries




SKU: 1992-42
Include Documentation.
  • Acquired by Timeless in 2019 on the specialist UK antiquities market, formerly in a private collection of a London gentleman.

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