A beautifully preserved Bronze-Age Socketed Axe-head dating from around 1000 - 500 B.C.E.

The Bronze Age socketed axe is, much like the lanceolate-bladed spearhead, a classic artefact of the British Bronze Age and high on the wish-list of almost every metal detectorist and history enthusiast.


At almost 11cm long, this late axe is looped and displays four ribs to each face, a wide, square-shaped flared mouth and convexed cutting edge. ​ However, the really interesting thing about this ancient axehead can be found inside its socket: the bottom half of a Bronze Age Spearhead!


The leaf-shaped spearhead was wedged into the axehead over 2500 years ago, the pair probably forming a votive sacrifice to forgotten Bronze Age gods, and remains there to this day. ​


We at Timeless have never seen one like it.



SKU: 1970
  • Formerly part of the renowned Alexander Cotton collection, Hampshire, 1970s.

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