A fully intact Bronze-Age Socketed Axe-Head dating from around  800 to 2500 B.C.E.


The Bronze Age socketed axe is, much like the lanceolate-bladed spearhead, a classic artefact of the British Bronze Age and high on the wish-list of almost every metal detectorist and history enthusiast.


The axehead is just over 9cm long and displays a beautiful green patination, four perfectly preserved ribs to each face (each ending in a round terminal), a square-shaped flared mouth, a convexed cutting edge and securing loop to the neck. ​


One of a pair of Bronze Age socketed axes found in the Buxton area, Derbyshire, and mounted on a handmade textured steel and oak plinth.


For context, we have included an image of a similar axe found at the incredible window into Bronze Age life that is Must Farm, Cambridgeshire. Such is the level of preservation at this amazing site that the axes are still attached to their wooden hafts and are completely without patination.


Printed documentation is included.


SKU: 2020-11
  • Purchased by Timeless Galleries in 2019, originally discovered by the finder while metal-detecting in the Buxton area, Derbyshire, U.K. 

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