We, at Timeless, love to acquire artifacts that provide a glimpse of long-gone lives, and it's strange to imagine a man or woman using this tiny tool, 3000 years ago.


With bronze still being a rare and expensive material, most of their day-to-day tools would have been fashioned from wood or flint. For the average Bronze Age person, only a few prized possesions would have been actually made of bronze: perhaps a small spearhead, or palstave axe which would have been passed down for generations. They may have owned a few pieces of bronze jewelery (which would have been a burnished gold colour in their day, rather than the dark patinated green we see now). 


And they also made these little square-sectioned awls to punch holes into scraped animal skins and straps. Just a small thing, but a valued possession and an enigmatic piece of history.


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  • Formerly the property of an English gentleman, acquired on the antiquities market before 2010.

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