A fantastic collection of Medieval Arrow Points, dating from the 12th to 15th centuries A.D.


Included in the collection are:


 - Two trefoil arrowheads, probably used as armour-piercing bodkin points. The bodkin points are tanged rather than socketed, indicating that they were probably hand-forged in France or the low countries between 1250 – 1500 AD.


 - Two beautifully preserved medieval crossbow bolts. The crossbow was a feared weapon on the medieval battlefield. At close range, no plate armour could withstand a heavy bolt. In fact, contemporary literature suggests that the knights and men-at-arms ‘called upon Heaven to witness that it was dishonourable warfare to employ such weapons in battle.’


 - One 'Hunter's bolt'. Hand-forged in iron sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries AD. A similar bolt is described by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey in The Book of the Crossbow (1903), and was probably used to hunt large game in the medieval forests of Europe.


The development of firearms used in warfare in the early sixteenth century spelt the end of plate armour, and the bodkin point and crossbow was abandoned soon after, although a bomb-throwing crossbow called the Sauterelle was used by the French and British armies on the Western Front during World War I.


Framed in a beautiful hand-finished driftwood, the frame measures c. 45 x 30 cm.


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SKU: 1899
  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Antiquities market, 2017. Formerly in a private collection formed in the 1980s.

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