A beautiful example of the ammonite Dactylioceras that swam the shallow seas of the Jurassic period, over 180 million years ago.


It is thought that Dactylioceras was a slow-swimming scavenging ammonite based on flow-tank experiments - however, its poor swimming skills didn't prevent it from becoming one of prehistory's most successful ammonite species. Dactylioceras, as a species, managed to survive for over 100 million years (five hundred times longer than we've been on the planet) - only dying out in the mass extinction event that also killed off the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago.


Frame is around 30cm 24cm in size.


This particular specimen is from Whitby, U.K. 


SKU: 1864
  • Acquired by Timeless on the UK Mineral and Fossil Market, 2018. Originally discovered in Whitby, UK.


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