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Viking Arrowhead

A beautifully preserved chisel-bladed arrowhead, forged around one thousand years ago.


While arrowheads of this type were used by both Saxon and Viking archers, they are typically considered Scandinavian in origin, and more likely to be Viking. 


As with many Viking artefacts, it isn't always possible to say whether the piece has a domestic or military purpose. The Vikings were essentially warrior-farmers, and many of their weapons originate from domestic tools or hunting implements (for example, boar spears and bearded axes). The large size of this arrowhead and pronounced tang suggest a military origin (C. Rau, European Arrowheads and Crossbow Bolts) - however, it may well have been used to hunt large game.


Acquired by Timeless on the UK Antiquities market, 2017. Formerly in the private collection of a London gentleman. Details of the dealer can be provided on request.

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