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Otodus Obliquus is an extinct giant shark that had a worldwide distribution roughly thirty-eight to sixty-six million years ago.


Otodus (related to the Mackeral Shark) was larger than any shark in today's world, being one and a half times bigger than the largest-ever recorded Great White. Its huge size, however, does not mean Otodus was the apex predator of its time, as it had to share the seas with enormous predators like Basilosaurus - an eighteen-metre long predatory whale that looked more like an ancient mosasaur.


Still, Otodus whould have been able to hold its ground (or water) against most predators of the time, and could have taken anything from large fish to smaller mammals.


Despite its impressive size, Otodus' main claim to fame is being the ancestor of the largest shark ever to swim the seas: Carchaocles Megalodon.


Outer frame dimensions are circa 31cm x 25cm


Note that the actual tooth you receive may vary to the one pictured above, however, it will be of a similar size and shape.


Acquired by Timeless on the UK Mineral and Fossil market, 2017.

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