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Anglo-Saxon Buckle Collection

We at Timeless can't emphasise enough how rare Anglo-Saxon artifacts actually are.

Following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century A.D., much of Europe underwent a technological implosion as our ancestors struggled to match Rome's mastery of masony and metallurgy, architectural design, civil engineering, book-keeping, numismatics and countless other disciplines. in Britannia, this 'Dark Age' was exacerbated by the Völkerwanderung - a great migration of Germanic barbarians, specifically Angles, Saxons and Jutes, who eschewed the towns and cities built by the Romano-British for a rural life in the countryside. Consequently, as any metal detectorist will confirm, artifacts from this period of technological regression are extremely rare.

Timeless are pleased to offer an amazing collection of bronze buckles from the Anglo-Saxon period, specifically:

  • A tiny D-shaped strapend with plate from the early pagan-era of Anglo-Saxon Britain.

  • A beautiful D-Shaped Saxon buckle dating from the 6th - 7th Century A.D.

  • An example of a mid-period oval buckle with plate and rivets, 7th Century A.D.

  • A perfectly preserved 7th - 10th Century Germanic buckle with openwork dragon to the integral plate, and an inset garnet to the tongue.

  • A very large 7th - 10th Century Germanic buckle with a ribbed surface and substantial balustered tongue.

Handframed and mounted, outer measurements are c. 56cm x 30cm


Pagan Era buckle discovered by Timeless Galleries' owner, 2015. D-shaped and oval buckles acquired on the UK Antiquities market, 2018. Germanic buckles previously in an old Belgian collection formed before the 1990s.

Recommended Price: £185

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