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Roman Dolphin Brooch

This frame contains a beautiful Roman Dolphin Fibula Brooch, dating from the 1st - 2nd century A.D.


Along with their coinage, brooches are some of the more enduring archaeological relics left behind by the people of the Roman empire. Fibula brooches (essentially fancy safety pins - fibula means clasp) were as functional as they were decorative, being used to pin the clothing of emperors, soldiers and citizens alike.


In fact, the range and typology of Roman fibula brooches is so huge that archaeologists can use them to date a site, much like a geologist may use fossils to date a particular rock sequence.


Dolphin fibula brooches were named due to the deep, curving bow, which resembles the back of a breaching dolphin.


Acquired by Timeless in 2018 from a private collector.

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