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Medieval Arrowhead

This frame contains a hand-forged, British-found ogival/leaf-bladed iron arrowhead dating from 12th – 13th centuries AD. The arrowhead is of type MP T3 (Jessop, Medieval Arrowheads Typology, 1997) and may have been used for either hunting or warfare Arrowheads of this age were typically tanged (rather than socketed) - the head being attached to the shaft with either resin or sinew.


We can never know whether this arrowhead was used as a hunting implement or a weapon of war – but whoever owned it, and however it was used, it remains a timeless treasure.


Tastefully framed in driftwood, the outer frame measures c. 33cm x 27 cm



Read about the evolution of medieval arrowheads here


Acquired by Timeless on the UK antiquities market, 2019.

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